The New York City Police Department's latest crime statistics show an increase in murders and rapes last month.

The department says there were 34 homicides last month, eight more than last May.

Rapes also spiked more than 50 percent, but officials say that's due to an increase in victims reporting them.

Still, overall crime for the year remains at a record low.

"In some areas, there was some real improvement in overall crime. But look, we clearly had one more murder by the end of this May than we had last year at the same time. That's one murder too many. And that's literally the way we think about it. We're all talking all the time about the numbers. Even one more murder than last year is not what we accept. We want to save that life, we're going to redouble our efforts," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Shootings and burglaries also saw a drop across the city.