An MTA worker is facing charges after a surveillance video captured him assaulting a girl inside a Brooklyn subway station back in March.

It shows 13-year-old Anaila Muhammad waiting at a gate for her friend inside the Fourth Avenue station after allegedly losing her MetroCard.

That's when the worker, Rida Elzeck, comes up and attacks Muhammad.

Muhammad was initially handcuffed for three hours while Elzeck accused the teen of being the attacker.

She was not released until police saw the video.

Muhammad's lawyer and mother say the attack was avoidable and unnecessary.

"The video speaks for itself. It was absolutely no provocation for this incident to occur," said Attorney Scott Rynecki.

"I saw him like grab her by her neck and pull her through the gate, dragging her. I also saw people trying to get him off of her," said Herkema Powell, Muhammad's mother.

The MTA says Elzeck has been suspended from his job.

He faces up to a year in prison if convicted.