Michelle Young says her Mount Hope apartment is crumbling. The mold is everywhere and so are the mice. 

"You always have to clap your hands, your legs to keep the mice from coming near you when you're eating," Young said.

Tenants at 124 East 176 Street say the building's registered owner, David David, is, at best, slow to make repairs and patches up the problems instead of fixing them. They also claim they're being punished for complaining.

"Eviction notice for no reason, being sent to court for no reason, racist rhetoric, verbal and physical harrasment," said Corine Ombongo Golden, a tenant since 2002. "When you are being pushed by your super, it is physical."

The building has more than 153 open housing violations.

Last year, the tenants asked the city for a rent freeze until the repairs are completed. A decision on that is pending.

For some, the waiting game is a health hazard. 

"I have emphysema," said tenant Ada Lewis. "This cracking and stuff, the dampness, breathing, this stuff is not good for me."

NY1 reached out to the Brooklyn-based owner but did not get a response. 

Some tenants let out their frustration by hitting a pinata with the landlord's face on it. 

The tenants tell NY1 they're planning a rally for the upcoming weeks in hopes that will keep the landlord from being able to buy yet another building.