A road in Manhattan was renamed Saturday for a father who worked for decades to honor his son's memory, after he was killed in the line of duty.

NYPD Officer Michael Buczek was killed in Washington Heights 30 years ago while trying to arrest drug suspects.

His father, Ted Buczek, then started a Little League in his son's name in the neighborhood where his son was killed.

"Everything he did was for the children in Washington heights," said Mary Jo Buczek, a sister of the officer who was killed. "He called you all his munchkins. Ted Buczek's way was one of respect for his fellow man."

Now, the road leading to the ballpark, which is named after Michael Buczek, bears Ted Buczek's name.

"Investing in the kids here, the future of this great neighborhood, was the perfect way to continue Mike's legacy," Police Commissioner James O'Neill said. "So now the road leading to Michael Buczek ballfield is Ted Buczek Way. And this, too, is the perfect way to honor a man who gave so much to the people of this community for so long."

To kick off opening day at the Michael Buczek Ballpark, O'Neill threw out the first pitch, straight down the middle.