Following another wave of island-wide outages in Puerto Rico, Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's sending members of the New York Power Authority to help.

Ten experts will head to the island in June to rebuild and improve the faltering power grid. 

The parts of the island that do have power accidentally plunged into darkness again this week as crews tried to remove a fallen tower.

Spectrum News was on location in south central Puerto Rico just days before the massive outage. 

Crews spotted heavy equipment and some "Cobra" vehicles in the area where an excavator reportedly toppled over some lines, causing the outage. 

Cuomo says the real problem is that federal disaster assistance in Puerto Rico has been inadequate since day one.

"I know what this country can do when it wants to help in disaster assistance and recovery. I can tell you we are not doing what we have done in the past. This effort is not of the same magnitude and commitment of what this country has done in the past," Cuomo said.

Governor Cuomo will also head back to Puerto Rico to assess the damage on April 29.

Cuomo said that CUNY and SUNY students will have a chance to do volunteer work on the island for college credit.