Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy is taking over the town with his spray paint once again, with two new installations.

A painting of a rat on a clock drew a crowd of onlookers Thursday in Chelsea at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue.

The building is set to be demolished to make way for condos.

It is not clear if there is any hidden political message in the art.

However, there is definitely a message behind Banksy's second mural in the East Village. That piece protests the jailing of Turkish journalist and artist Zehra Dogan.

The hash marks represent the time she's spent behind bars.

"It's very cool, yeah," said one person in the area. "I think we need more art like this, and obviously, having a strong political message is something we can all adhere to, so it's very cool."

"I think it's incredible. Freedom of speech," said another. "I love art. I think it's always inspirational for anyone to watch and look."

Meanwhile, a tipster sent NY1 video of a masked man in front of the soon-to-be mural on Tuesday. They believe that person is Banksy, who has never been seen.