BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Harbor House, Matt Urban Hope Center and St. Luke's Mission of Mercy are all part of the Code Blue Collaborative providing food and shelter to the homeless.

After a client at the Buffalo City Mission tested positive for the Hepatitis A virus, the organizations who serve the homeless are on high alert.  

Jean Bennett chairs the Code Blue Collaborative. She says the homeless shelter community is a tight knit group that's doing everything it can to provide the best service to it's clients. After the news broke about the Hepatitis A case, all of the shelters were informed and began the process of making sure there wasn't an outbreak.     

 "My first thought obviously was concern, my reaction was concern," said Bennett.

"At Harbor House, like three times a day there's pretty much a deep clean. At the change of every shift everything is mopped down. And we take precautions with food prep. Most of our stuff is already pre-packaged, so we don't have a lot of risk in that, but we take precaution," Bennett added.

In addition to making sure the shelters are clean, officials say they try to educate the clients about health risks.

"We've been very proactive. Jean Bennett from Harbor House and the Restoration Society has been proactive in informing all of our workers, and then those workers then relay that message towards clients and what their options are in terms of getting tested and getting vaccinated," said Daniel Auflick, Director of Matt Urban Hope Center.

In the meantime, Code Blue officials say they will continue to be in touch with the Department of Health to make sure that every precaution is being taken to prevent an outbreak.