ROCHESTER,  N.Y. -- Witnessing difficult situations while on duty is a daily occurance for RPD officers.

Some incidents are harder to move on from than others, especially those involving children.

In January, Rochester police officers encountered two children who they say were abandoned by their mother inside of an apartment on Ridgeway Avenue.

The two little girls are now living with family members and receiving proper care. The situation could have unfolded very differently, and that's something the officers who responded that night can't stop thinking about. 

"Those kids were not left in there for an hour or two, it looked like a couple of days. The 3-year-old did not have any clothes on. There wasn't an ample amount of food in the house for either kid and the 1-year-old was stuck in a crib," said officer Kody Middlebrook. 

The officers were overwhelmed by how filthy the home was, including dirty diapers on the floor and rotting food throughout the residence.

Sharisa Vasquez, 22, is charged with abandonment, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. Both girls were taken to a hospital for treatment.

"This was one of those jobs you take home with you," said officer Russell Ferguson.

The Lake section officers were so moved by what they encountered that they took up a collection. They raised enough money to buy a crib, bedding, toys and a gift card.

"I was shocked.  I didn't think they would do something like that," said Neilda Rivera, an aunt who's been taking care of the girls.

"The family really stepped up and took those girls in and is going to help them out and support them and I'm thankful they're able to do that," said officer Middlebrook.

The officers will continue to keep in touch with the girls.

The family hopes to gain full custody as Vazquez's case moves through the court system. She's expected to appear infront of a judge later this month.