HOPE MILLS -- It seems like a good thing right? Free toys delivered directly to your front door. 

That's what happened to one Hope Mills family, and mystery packages might be showing up on your doorstep too. 

One former Amazon employee who now specializes in e-commerce offered an explanation, saying some Amazon sellers may be using customers' names and addresses to make fake accounts. 

They'll use their own credit card information so you won't get charged, but they'll send you products you didn't buy for their own benefit.

"They use that buyer account to buy from themselves and leave themselves five-star reviews," said Amazon consultant expert, Chris McCabe. "It's easier to find products when you're searching for them when there are more reviews. Especially if you have good reviews."

If you're receiving unsolicited packages from Amazon, contact a customer service representative to report it at (888) 280-4331.