They're furry, frisky and ready to take the field in "Puppy Bowl 14."

Meet Kaleb Junior and Archer, two rescue dogs from Puerto Rico.

They are among the lineup of pooches taking part in Animal Planet's bowl game.

All the dogs are up for adoption. 

These two were brought to the city by the SATO project, which was set up after Hurricane Maria to rescue animals from storm-ravaged island.

So far, the group has saved more than a thousand dogs — giving them all a second chance.

"They just have this amazing, amazing capacity to just keep moving forward," said SATO project founder Christina Beckles. "And to see them happy and healthy and in homes and on the field on Sunday, it's, ya know, it's our fuel, it's why we do this work."

The "Puppy Bowl" is on Animal Planet Sunday at 3 p.m.