GENESEO N.Y. — A room full of hopeful people seeking a change, were curious to see who’s going to run against Rep. Chris Collins (R-27). Five democratic candidates are on a mission to replace the GOP Republican seat for New York’s 27th Congressional District.

“I like to hear the candidates speak and work a room. Sometimes, people are really good in prepared situations, but come November I want to see who can talk to people the best,” said Michael Pitt, Genesee County Democratic Committee Chariman.

Those candidates are Sean Bunny, Tom Casey, Nate McMurray, Joan Elizabeth Seamans and Nick Stankevich.

Residents attended a question and answer forum at SUNY Geneseo Thursday night to hear from each, as the district covers parts of Livingston, Wyoming, Genesee, Orleans, Niagara, Erie, Monroe and Ontario Counties.

One potential voter voiced concern about the tax reform bill President Trump signed in December.

“I’m retired and when I looked, I am breaking even at best. Even if people have a modest increase, it’s worth running the deficit up for a modest increase so I am speaking for middle class,” said Bob Hilliard, retired Canandaigua resident

For other residents, they are just flat-out unhappy of what Collins is providing.

“I feel he is corrupt,” said Christine Iannone of Livingston County who also added that getting answers from each candidate is essential.

“I want a candidate here, to tell me how they can excite the democrats in our district, which is very rural, to come out and vote and get rid of Chris Collins,” Iannone said.

The driving force for each candidate buckles down to: Affordable health care, free and reduced college and even serving the working class, as well as, for those students in attendance who put on these events, they say it’s important to get to know their potential representative on a personal level.

“Last year, we held a panel on the Affordable Care Act and invited Mr. Collins to come and we never got any return and I am hoping that next candidate will actually be more involved in Livingston County and the issues that we have here and the issues that the college has because we make up part of the population,” said SUNY Geneseo College Democrats President Kelsey Van Etten.

Reaching out to Congressman Collins, his political advisor said

“We welcome a robust campaign and look forward to the Democrats mad rush to wrap themselves in the Pelosi-Cuomo agenda.   Congressman Collins will continue talking with working families about their lower tax bills, stronger 401k and retirement plans, and President Trump’s accomplishments on their behalf.”

The general election is slated for November 6th, and candidates have until April 12th to file nominating petitions. If necessary, a primary election will be scheduled for June 26th.