As we head into a new year, city leaders in Oneida County are reflecting on 2017's successes and setting goals for 2018. A main priority continues to be economic development. Cara Thomas shares what the mayors of Rome and Utica say need to happen to keep moving their cities forward.

As city leaders look back on 2017, Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo says it was a busy year. They were awarded several grants and made significant process on two large projects: the construction of Route 825 through Griffiss Park and the demolition of Woodhaven Park.

As 2018 begins, Izzo refuses to let that progress dwindle, especially in Rome's downtown district. 

"Really we're going to have a three to four years here now of building, which will be very good for us and infrastructure improvements. So we're trying to ready the community to accept more residents really. We hope the community will grow not only in the residential area, but in the commercial area as well," said Izzo. 

In the city of Utica, Mayor Palmieri says projects are underway throughout the city including the expansion of the Utica AUD, development planning at the harbor and construction of new housing units at the former Roosevelt School site.

Palmieri says the city is growing steadily and hopes to see that continue. 

"I would like to see a little bit more retail in our downtown area to give people the opportunity to look at a different venue other than going along commercial drive," said Palmieri.