TEXAS – With the possibility of icy road conditions this weekend, the Texas Department of Transportation isn't taking any chances when it comes to safety.

TxDOT has created a salt water brine solution to keep ice from forming on the roads.

Since winds can pick up underneath the overpasses, it doesn't take much for the temperature to drop in those areas.

FORECAST: Monitoring possibly icy weekend

According to TxDOT, any time the temperature goes below 40 degrees and there is a possibility of rain, they take a closer look at how ice would impact the roadways.

At this point they are keeping crews up to date every few hours.

"We did let some of our crews know there's a real strong possibility they'll be celebrating New Year’s Eve in their TxDOT truck as opposed to being with their families Sunday night just to make sure those roads do stay free and clear," said Josh Donat with TxDOT.

Crews have also started pre-treating Interstate 10 and Interstate 35 corridors.

TxDOT says the slushy salt water mixture is both financially practical and a reliable way to treat the roads since it only freezes a few times a year in the region.