WYNANTSKILL, N.Y. -- A UPS driver has been accused of stealing from a home after a delivery this Christmas season in Wynantskill.

North Greenbush Police say a UPS driver allegedly stole an item from inside the home after dropping off a package there. Michael Gray, 29 of Schenectady, is charged with burglary and petit larceny. He was a seasonal driver who had been working with the company for about six months. Police officers used surveillance video from the home to help solve the case.

The stolen property was recovered by investigators. Chief Robert Durivage says Gray sold the item online through Facebook. Investigators were able to get the item back from the person who bought it, but that person is out of the money they spent on it.

During the holiday season, Durivage says homeowners should keep an eye out for packages they're expecting.

"Keep your houses and residences locked. They should be locked at all times, and make sure you know when these deliveries are coming so you can see that the package did come," Durivage said.

North Greenbush Police are working with UPS to ensure Gray didn't burglarize any other homes.