ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Every December 7th, Rochester-area veterans and their families remember and honor all those who died and survived at America's naval base in Pearl Harbor 76 years ago.

A moment of silence marked the time the attack began.

Fewer veterans are around to share their stories of survival. The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association says the average age of members is now 97.

There are only a few survivors left in the Rochester area. Stanley Hwelek is one of them. He'll turn 98 next month. He was 21 while serving on the Battleship USS Nevada when the Japanese began bombing.

"Some things happen during the day that trigger my memory going back years ago," Hwelek said. "Memories are starting to fade away now, it is getting many many years ago."

Joe Campanella's dad, Tony, is also a Pearl Harbor survivor. He's 103 and still remembers what he saw that day.

"He said the plans were flying so low that he could see the faces of the Japanese pilots, so it was very traumatic," Joe said.

More than 2,400 American service members and civilians died in the attack.

American patriots continue to work and hope for a more peaceful world.