CHAPEL HILL -- A new beginning for the staff attorneys of UNC Chapel Hill’s Center for Civil Rights.

This comes after the UNC Board of Governors banned the center from engaging in advocacy or acting as legal counsel to any third party. 

Now, the staff attorneys are starting their own non-profit called, Julius L. Chambers Center for Civil Rights.

The Chambers Center will continue their mission of challenging discriminatory policies and practices that impact minorities in North Carolina.

The center mainly represents low-income clients pro bono in lawsuits involving cases dealing with school segregation, fair housing, and other civil rights matters.

"Despite the fact that we're not at UNC anymore, we're still in the struggle, we're still committed to the work.  Now we're just looking forward to getting the Chambers Center up and running fully and focusing on these cases.  We have a lot happening in several of our cases and the focus is going to be on moving those forward," said Mark Dorosin of the Julius L. Chambers Center for Civil Rights.

In the past the UNC Center for Civil Rights worked with UNC law students, now they’ll be able to work with law students from universities across the region. 

The Chambers Center for Civil Rights is calling on the community to make donations to help push their mission forward. 

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