The First Responders Children's Foundation hosts its annual Thanksgiving Day Breakfast to honor families of those killed in the line of duty. 

More than 1,000 family members gathered at the Bryant Park Grill for the tradition, which began just after September 11th. 

While some families say the holidays are exceptionally difficult, they say this gathering reminds them that they are not alone. 

Among those in attendance was Police Commissioner James O'Neill.

"To have Al and the foundation recognize the families and the sacrifice, I think it's good," O'Neill said. "It's good for families here and it's good for all 36,000 cops and 16,000 civilians in the NYPD. It really means a lot to us. It makes a difference."

The foundation also awards scholarships to children of first responders who have died or are disabled. This year, two children of disabled fire fighters were awarded.