The unions representing the city's EMS workers head to court claiming financial discrimination. They charge they are paid less than other uniformed city workers, like the FDNY and NYPD.

In a court filing, the unions are demanding salary information. The filling says while most of the emergency and uniformed services have been historically white and male dominated, EMS is the City’s most diverse emergency workforce, with more women and people of color.

"The Emergency Medical Service workers, the brave men and women who literally day in and day out protect our lives as New Yorkers, should not have to face discrimination in the workplace, should not have to be undervalued and underpaid for those services," said Yetta Kurland, a lawyer representing the workers. "We hope that the city will be compelled to turn over the data to prove what we already know is the case, which is that EMS workers are underpaid and undervalued."

A representative for the New York City Law Department says it will review the complaint and respond accordingly.