Transit workers, joined by union members from across the country, gathered in Times Square on Wednesday to rally against a major airline's plan to open a new maintenance facility overseas.

"Even in a depressed economy they don't think they'll ever lose money again," one demonstrater said. "So if they're never going to lose money again, then why are they trying to take it from their employees?"

American Airlines is set to invest $100 million on the new facility in Brazil, which would be staffed with workers not certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Advocates are calling on the airline to start bargaining in good faith, and for executives to deliver on a contract they have been promising for years.

"Management continues to drag their feet, trying to get concessionary language through this contract, and this isn't the type of bargaining we should be in," a protester said. "They promised us the industry-leading contract, and that's what we expect across the table, and we're just not seeing those proposals being made."

An American Airlines spokesperson said the company has been negotiating contracts and will soon meet with the union in the city to discuss them.