Troy Mayor Patrick Madden has confirmed that Bow Tie Cinemas has ended its plan to develop a movie theater downtown.

Madden, in a statement, said the Bow Tie decision came "as a result of multiple and ongoing legal actions brought by a neighboring property owner" against the city. 

“It’s just unfortunate that something that obviously could’ve been so happy for so many people was shot down tonight,” said Vic Christopher, a Troy business owner.

Judge Development Corp. filed the suit against the city and Bow Tie Cinemas, claiming there were errors in the State Environmental Quality review. The lawsuit claimed the theater proposal would cause irreparable harm to downtown Troy, affect tenants and nearby properties and the downtown community. It also claimed the proposal to build on public park land is not allowed under state law.

“I think what we all have to do is we all have to come together and decide what do we want collectively -- small business owners, the taxpayers, the people that visit this town,” said Tim Taney, the owner of Slidin' Dirty.

On top of that, some residents were concerned the big box-style theater would ruin the Victorian character in the area. The city council had already approved the proposal.

"We are deeply saddened that we are unable to continue moving forward with our project at One Monument Square," said Bow Tie COO Joe Masher. "We understand that many people were looking forward to a first-class theater in Troy, and hope to work with the city to find other viable opportunities."

“My administration strongly believes the issues identified in the multiple legal actions were solvable, but due to concern over potential future litigation Bow Tie Cinemas opted to end their involvement in the project," Madden said in the statement.