President Trump is set to visit his hometown this weekend, which means tighter security, street closures, and inconveniences for his Midtown neighbors.

"I hope he stays for a short period of time, that's what I hope, because every time he comes around, police, security, and a little chaos takes place in the neighborhood, so that affects us all, of course — all businesses, not only mine." Said Carlos Roman, the general manager of Tina's, a nearby restaurant.

He is expected to stay in the city Sunday through Wednesday, his first overnight stay since before his inauguration.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has advised people to stay out of the area, if possible, until the president's trip is over.

Heavy security and street closures near Trump Tower in the weeks after the election caused sales losses for some nearby businesses.

Owners told NY1 that this time around they are taking some precautions but are still concerned how the presidential visit will affect them.

"Yeah, very worried. We have some really big events that we're looking forward to at the space — we're an event space," said John Reilly, the director of operations for Absolute Event Solutions. "We're a little nervous about how this is going to impact us."

Police estimate it costs the city $300,000 a day when Trump is in town.