Some kids in Brooklyn are really stepping up to success.

Third to fifth graders at PS 446 in Brownsville make up the RAC Steppers.

Last month, the step team took first place in the National Elementary Competition in Atlanta for the second year in a row.

The program has only been around for four years.

The team's coach credits their impressive record to the kids' dedication.

"It's practice," said Naim Turner, RAC Steppers member. "Sometimes we go to recess and we take our recess time and practice."

"We have these amazing individuals on staff who have so much that they can share with kids," said Principal Meghan Dunn. "Kids with a lot of talent, and the opportunity to be on a team and to be a part of something bigger than yourself doesn't happen a lot for our kids in Brownsville. And it was really in line with the mission of our school."

If you would like to help the RAC Steppers raise money for future competitions, they do have a Go Fund Me page.

You can donate at the team's Go Fund Me page.