The city's new ferries will be stocked with all kinds of foods to make the trip more enjoyable for commuters.

Soda, beer, wine, and candy are just a few things that will be available to purchase when the ferry service launches.

Passengers will also be able to buy everyday essentials like pens and notebooks.

Everything will be stocked by The New Stand, the NYC Ferry's official retail and food vendor.

"I think the role we want to play for commuters, you know it's not easy commuting to he city sometimes. So to have a great little shop that offers a wide array of things - really healthy snacks, all sort of things you might need as part of your commute. If you forgot your charger, if you forgot your earbuds, you have a headache, whatever it is it's right there on the boat for you," said The New Stand Co-founder Andrew Deitchman.

"To think not only on your way to work, you can pick up a coffee and a pastry on your way to work and in the evening you can enjoy a beer while you watch the sunset," said The New Stand Co-founder Lex Kendall.

The vendor says commuters will be able to earn points through their app every time they shop.