A non-profit in Stapleton is receiving a fifty thousand dollar grant to fund creative projects.

Makerspace in Stapleton will be the recipient of the money through the Futureworks NYC program. 

The goal is to grow the advanced manufacturing sector of the city and support startups and entrepreneurs

With the new funding, organizations will be able to purchase new equipment such as a 3D printer, laser cutter and support thirty additional small businesses. 

"Futreworks NYC is a way to make equipment and training more accessible to New Yorkers who've been working in advanced manufacturing." said Kate Daly, Senior Vice President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation

"Allow us to build products that can be taken to a whole other level. So not  just hand based models but we can actual build prototypes on the fly and enable people to build products here locally." said Jarred Sutton, Chief Innovation Officer of Staten Island MakerSpace.

The larger Futureworks program will create more than two thousand jobs citywide.