Mexico's most notorious drug lord has arrived in New York City.

Joaquin Guzman, better known as "El Chapo," has been extradited to the United States.

He has been charged in six separate indictments throughout the U.S., but his first stop is in New York. He is expected to face a federal judge at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Brooklyn Friday. 

The charges stem from his alleged leadership of a large drug cartel in Mexico which prosecutors say has been shipping tons of cocaine from South America to the U.S. since the '90s.

The cartel is accused of carrying out numerous murders, kidnappings, torture and other acts of violence. 

El Chapo famously escaped from a maximum security prison using an elaborate tunnel from his cell in July 2015. It was the second time he escaped from prison.

He was recaptured a year ago and has been in a Mexican prison ever since.

If convicted, he could face life in a U.S. prison.