A pioneer in the field of nursing was honored in Harlem Friday.

92-year-old Mildred Norman graduated from Harlem Hospital School of Nursing back in 1946.

On Friday, the Helene Fuld College of Nursing featured an exhibit of the legendary school, which was established for black women back in 1923. 

Norman was recognized at the event for her more than half a century of work and mentorship

She has fond memories of being trained in Harlem.

"They were no nonsense people," she said. "They expected the best of us and they got it. They did everything they could to protect us from the discrimination that was rampant around."

"There was a lot of discrimination in nursing schools and a lot of times people did not feel that people of color could be successful as nurses," said Dr. Wendy Robinson, with the Helene Fuld College of Nurshing.

The Harlem Hospital School of Nursing closed in 1977.