The lines to vote are incredibly long — but most New Yorkers are showing good cheer at their polling sites Tuesday — even those waiting for hours. Our Lindsey Christ has more.

All day long, the lines snaked down city blocks. In Harlem, Staten Island, Chelsea — no matter where they voted, New Yorkers, by and large, said they were happy to be part of it. 

"It's a real testament to our country that everybody's coming out to vote and everybody's patiently waiting for their turn," said one voter who spoke to NY1.

"I don't mind because it matters, it really does," another said,

For some, it was a new experience.

"This is my first time voting, because it's the first time I've been old enough to vote and also it's a pretty iconic election, probably going to be one of the most iconic in history and I can't just leave and not vote because the line was too long, so I'm OK with it now," said Imara Ikhumen. "Now I feel like I'm part of history, and I'm excited about that."

Others had been out of town but traveled back just so they could vote in person.

"You know I have the option of doing an absentee ballot, but I felt that being here personally I was demonstrating how much I felt about voting and what my vote represented in this election," said Jose Luis Rodriguez.

In the same line, near Union Square, an NYU student who already voted in Florida waited with her friends just so she could experience the moment.

"Everyone is just like buzzing with energy and I think there is a stigma against teen voters that no one waits in line and that we're lazy," said Veronica Velez. "And I am just happy to be here to prove people wrong too."

Immigrants who have recently become citizens said waiting to vote held a particular significance.

"This is the least I can do to contribute to this country as a citizen," said Michael Kim.

"I think it's been about two hours in the line, but I think again I'm so excited to do it that I don't mind," said Marina Blinova. "I'm willing to wait a little longer if it's necessary. A little longer."