Times Square isn't all flashing lights and costumed characters - this weekend it's a space to play some creative games outdoors.

In the pedestrian plaza, "Play-Times-Squared" is hosting eight original live-action games that anyone can play all this weekend.

Every activity was developed by students in the NYU game design program.

They've come up with ideas like high-5 zone, real pong, and subway chaos.

"The class is very much focused on getting the students up here, having them looking at Times Square, seeing how people were behaving in the space, and what kind of playful interactions you could layer on top of it," said NYU Professor Greg Trefry. 

"You don't have to have really complicated instructions, we've got instructions on the board, and all the creators of the games are here to help you out," said Times Square Arts Director Sherry Dobbin. 

To learn more, check out timessquarenyc.org.