The city is taking action against eight landlords who they say have failed to make repairs at a dozen buildings in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

Officials came together to discuss the violations of the so-called "Dirty Dozen" buildings, which house more than 1,800 tenants.

The nearly 2,100 violations include rats, crumbling staircases, no fire exits, no hot water and, in some cases, no gas or electricity.

Officials says the city will withhold rent payments from tenants on public assistance if the landlords don't fix the violations.

"So we're going to throw the book at these bad landlords," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. "And I want every one of these unscrupulous landlords and any other landlord in the city who thinks that they can cheat the people of the city to know that we're coming after them. And I want the tenants of the city to know, we have your back. We're going to use the power of the city of New York to protect you."

The city sent letters to the landlords giving them 15 days to request a new inspection to show the violations have been rectified. After that, the city can begin witholding rent and penalties can escalate the longer the violations remain.