Coney Island will soon feature some of the area's best shows in its new state-of-the-art amphitheater scheduled to open this summer. NY1's Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report.

Off the Coney Island boardwalk, a drone captures video of construction at the western edge of the amusement district. This two and a half acre site between West 21st and West 23rd Streets will soon be home to a 5,000 seat covered amphitheater.

Come July, sounds of construction will be replaced by sounds of music. The venue will feature 40 concerts operated by Live Nation, additional events programmed by Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment and up to 15 free shows for the Seaside Summer Concert series. But developers say the venue is designed to entertain year round.

"You can see that our stage which is a 40 by 60 stage is flanked by these 50 foot hangar doors which actually close in the off season and turn the stage into an indoor stage or a dance floor," said Julia Butler of iStar.

The building is a landmark. Back in 2012, NY1 first reported plans to transform Child's Restaurant into an amphitheater. It was former borough president Marty Markowitz' signature project. His office put in much of the $60 million for the city supported complex. And developers say the Spanish Colonial Revival structure will be back to its original splendor.  

"We are fully restoring the exterior of the original design from 1923 which has over 500 pieces of terra cotta that has all different colors. We had to hire people from Holland to recreate those colors," Butler explained.

A full service restaurant will also return to the building, this time on its rooftop. Shoreline views will not only be magnificent from there but also from atop a hill 13 feet above street level, built as part of a public park.

"You can see right here where the back of our truss ends, that's really where the back of the bowl is and the park begins," Butler said.

The park will have entrances on West 22nd Street and the boardwalk. As for the amphitheater, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment says its currently looking to secure a naming rights partner.    

The programming lineup is set to be announced later this month.

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