Four Brooklyn men are suing American Airlines after they say they were kicked off a flight just for looking Muslim.

It happened on a flight from Toronto to the city back on December 8.

The suit says a flight attendant asked two of the men to exit the plane after they took their seats.

All four men got off and, when they asked why, they were told their appearance made the captain and crew uneasy.

They say they're suing for $9 million and to ensure this doesn't happen to someone else in the future.

"The plaintiffs have been severely traumatized and tainted from their experience," said attorney Tahainie Aboushi. "It was very traumatic. It was very traumatizing. I don't think it was handled properly."

"We just want to raise awareness that this stuff is still happening and somehow maybe through our case or something like that, raise awareness that this shouldn't happen anymore," said Faimul Alam. "Put an end to this, you know.  And we don't want anybody else to go through what we went through."

The group is also suing Republic Airlines and American Eagle which were operating the plane under the banner of American Airlines.

They were allowed on the next plane to New York about 90 minutes later after the captain of that flight said he had no problem with them.

American Airlines says they're reviewing the lawsuit.

We reached out to the other two airlines for comment.