The Transport Workers Union is ripping Mayor Bill de Blasio again with its third newspaper attack ad in a month.

The full page ad in Monday's Daily News depicts the mayor jumping a turnstile next to the words, "Stop Farebeating New York City's Working Families."

It claims that just .2 percent of city spending goes to help the MTA improve and maintain the transit system.

The union ad says the city is putting working families who rely on the system in danger.

Last week, the TWU ran an ad slamming the mayor for not paying what it calls his "fair share" to the MTA's capital plan.

De Blasio called the ad "pitiful" and "misleading."

And earlier in September, another union ad claimed the new 7 train station on Manhattan's far West Side would only benefit rich developers.

De Blasio and the state-run MTA have been at odds with publicly and privately over the city's contribution to the $30 billion Capital Plan.

In response to the latest ad, a City Hall spokesperson said, "Surrogates for the State are playing fast and loose with the facts.  The truth is the people of NYC already fund three-quarters of the State MTA's operations and double what the State gives in capital -- and no amount of false ads can change that.  It's time for the State to get real: tell New Yorkers where your money is coming from; stop stealing money from the transit system; and ensure the people of NYC have a greater say how money is spent‎."