Dating websites are not only for millennials. Seniors are also finding love online, and a new survey from a popular matchmaking service shows what they are looking for. NY1's Cheryl Wills filed the following report.

Paulette Lippman is a vintage 80-year-old widow who is looking for love in all the right places.  

"The greatest joy for me is being in love with a man who loves you back, and I had that," Lippman says.

She had that in Barry, her husband of nearly 50 years. After his death about a decade ago, she started over in a one-bedroom apartment, and she's hoping the dating website Stitch will send someone special her way.

"I never found the right Internet dating until I found Stitch," Lippman says. "Completely different, because they have integrity." was created a couple of years ago and targets people 50 and older who have been screened. The online service conducted a recent survey of 1,000 members between the ages of 50 and 90, which shows that older men want romance more than older women; only 27 percent of respondents were interested in getting married again; half of both men and women see intimacy as "just as important" as when they were younger; and older men are more into looks than women.

"When people say, 'Mature men, they only want to date young blondes, what we call BBB - big boob blondes. Wrong! They prefer to date women in their own age range," says author and researcher Harold Spielman.

Spielman is almost 90, widowed and the author of "Suddenly Solo." He says Stitch has carved out a unique niche for its clientele.

"Stitch is an interesting one because Stitch revolves around placing people in groups with similar interest," Spielman says.

Lippman spends her days blogging on her site "Mother Nature is a Man." She is confident that when Cupid strikes again, this nimble octogenarian will be ready.