For the first time, families head to the nation's largest mass grave to visit where their loved ones are buried. 

The potter's field on Hart Island is located off City Island in the Bronx.

It's the resting place of more than a million people who couldn't afford burial or whose bodies were unclaimed. 

Earlier this month, the Department of Correction—which runs the gravesite—settled a lawsuit with the New York Civil Liberties Union...allowing monthly grave visits to family members of those buried on the island. 

Before, visitors could only go to a memorial area.

A handful of families visited Sunday. 

"I'm glad I saw where my baby's buried, and I'm glad we've opened it up for people to go to the gravesites," one visitor said.

"It's very pleasant, surprisingly so, you hear 'potter's field' and you think the worst, but this was something else," said another.

"I felt really bad that my mother wound up buried in a pauper grave, but now that I've experienced it—it is beautiful. It is as beautiful as any cemetery anywhere. Now I'm at peace," another said.

Advocates say they want to turn Potters Field into a park. 

The next visits are set for sometime in August.