Times Square tapped into the showbiz spirit. The Tap City Festival brought out a chorus of dancers and students from around the world.

They took to the street to perform a choreographed number as a nod to the city's history as the birthplace of tap.

The event was a labor of love for its performers - including the daughter of one of NY1's own.

"Tap dancing is just another way to like show your passion,” said Quincy Hines, a tap dancer and daughter of NY1 executive producer Leslie Hines.

“People don't realize the hard work that goes into being a tap dancer and today's event was just amazing, amazing. So happy.” Hines said.

“Why are people drawn to tap dance? Because it's rhythm and it's part of our nature,” said Tony Waag of American Tap Dance Foundation.

Tap City Festival Week is hosted by the American Tap Dance Foundation.