The island has some new young entrepreneurs. 

On Wednesday, 13 students graduated from the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce's Young Entrepreneurs Academy or YEA!

They completed a 30 week program where they learned how to start their own businesses.

Now many have their businesses up and running, and instructors say they couldn't be prouder.

"The people in the program, they just encouraged me to believe in my craft and believe I actually have what it takes to build this business," said Stephon Barrett who is a YEA! Graduate.

"Just to see them from the beginning and follow them through to the end, and see them mature and see them learn and grow, it's just amazing. It's quite an accomplishment for all of them," said YEA! Instructor Cory Schifter.

Students are from different high schools on the Island. They started businesses and non-profits that have focuses ranging from tech to anti-bullying.