Subway riders who are fed up with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to take a ride with them. 

Members of the group Riders Alliance signed a petition urging the governor to come experience the rush hour.

They're also tweeting it out on hashtag "#RideCuomoRide."

"The Riders Alliance and the Straphangers Campaign are sending this letter to Governor Cuomo's offices, inviting him to ride the C train with us on cars that first went into service in 1964, so he can hear directly from riders and experience for himself what 5.6 million New Yorkers experience every day," said Nick Sifuentes, the group's deputy director.

The Riders Alliance is urging Cuomo to fully fund the MTA's five-year-capital program to pay for new subway cars and buses, as well as long-term projects like the Second Avenue subway line extension.