A vigil was held in the city Wednesday for three Muslim family members killed near the University of North Carolina in what police say was a dispute over parking. 

New Yorkers gathered in Union Square Wednesday evening were worried that the anti-Muslim bias could also have contributed to the killings. 

They said the incident makes them scared for their loved ones, and that it's important to voice their concerns as a united community.

"My initial gut reaction, as were the reactions of many people, not just Muslim, but Christian, Jewish, even atheists, is one of deep sadness that yet another tragedy of senseless violence occurred," said Christina Tasca, executive director of the Muslim Community Network.

"As a Muslim, it is, the Islamophobia is everywhere," said another person at the vigil. "So it's kind of insecurity we are in, and this kind of incident brings even more insecurity in our community."

Craig Hicks, 46, turned himself in and is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the shootings.

He is being held without bond.