This is climate week here in the city and experts say big contributor to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions is called fast fashion — when brands churn out new clothing styles every few weeks. People wear the clothing a few times and then throw it away.  

According to Princeton University, the fashion industry is currently responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Just think of all the water used to produce and then repeatedly clean clothes.

There are also dyes and plastic microfibers used in the clothing that end up polluting the ocean and sheer waste which can be found in landfills.

Fashion designer Karolina Zmarlak of KZK Studio is working to change the industry one garment at a time. She joined “News All Day” to share more about her commitment to what she calls “slow fashion.”

Zmarlak says that she is mindful of the resources she uses in her clothes, where the clothing is produced in the city’s Garment District.

She encourages people to have pieces that are multifunctional, meaning it can be worn many times in several ways. A jacket, top, and great pair of pants are all key items she suggests investing in. Layering also allows for the creation of unique looks.

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