As stores board up to protect against any potential damages in response to election results, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea issues a warning to New Yorkers.

“To all New Yorkers, the police officers are out there today in force, they’re going to have zero tolerance for it. I can’t be any more clear than that — zero tolerance,” Shea told NY1 in an exclusive interview.

He is demanding action from prosecutors.

“We’re going to demand that prosecutors hold people accountable. Because when you mess with people’s livelihoods as they have, and they’ve done through a couple boroughs of this city, people cannot just be let go and not prosecuted. They need to face consequences,” Shea said on “Mornings On 1."

The police commissioner says the NYPD has no information of any planned protests or that there will be unrest.

“This is 100% precautionary on the businesses, and it’s hard to fault them with what we went through and what they see happening across the country. Zero information that we’re expecting anything like that again,” said Shea.

In response to whether or not the NYPD has been preparing to avoid police clashing with protesters, Shea says most events have gone on without issue, pointing to the past week and weekend where some days saw 20 to 30 protests per day. He says thousands have hit the streets since May.

Shea says the trouble comes from a few small groups who will “protest the sky being blue.”

“I don’t know that they’re going away anytime soon, I don’t know that they care about who wins this election either, but we’ll deal with them,” he said.

Shea says the NYPD is ready to keep streets safe this election day.

“The men and women of the department, they’ll be putting in long hours today across the city. Certainly some unanswered questions in terms of how they’ll be working but we’re prepared, we’re ready and we’re looking forward to it,” he said.