To get more insight into the thoughts of the Orthodox Jewish community, NY1 spoke with Jacob Kornbluh, the national politics reporter for the Jewish Insider.

Kornbluh appeared on "Inside City Hall" last night to discuss the increase in cases.

He says when the test positivity rate fell below a certain point for two straight months, people in the community were resuming weddings and religious services because they thought the pandemic had been solved.

He also says mask wearing compliance fell and that he was singled out for wearing one.

"The problem was, once that went below 1 percent, there were two issues here, one was well 'there's no corona here why are you wearing a mask' so I was ridiculed for wearing a mask, for going to synagogue with a mask because there is no corona,” Kornbluh said.

Kornbluh says many people in the Orthodox Jewish community also believed they were following President Trump's advice — to just get sick, beat the virus, and then form a herd immunity.