In Focus kicks off the Spectrum-wide initiative Vaccine Education Week with the facts and science behind the approved vaccines, offering viewers the opportunity to make informed decisions when it comes to getting vaccinated. 

Dr. Julian Watkins is the City Medical Specialist at NYC Health. He also leads the Staff Immunization Justice Workgroup, which counsels city health care workers on getting vaccinated. He'll talk about what the city is doing to allay the fears about the safety of a vaccine that was developed with such great speed. 

He'll also address the glaring inequities in a system where far more New Yorkers of color, especially African Americans, are catching and dying from COVID-19, but far fewer have been vaccinated.

Dr. Rossi Hassad is a noted epidemiologist working at Mercy College in The Bronx. He's a great believer that all New Yorkers (and Americans) need to be vaccinated, and talks about what it means that some vaccines are deemed more effective than others. He also speaks to the variants, and why he believes having any protection against the various forms of the virus is far better than having none.