That Harlem state of mind is rooted in culture: music, food, fashion. There have been good times, and also some very bad times. But Harlem is a neighborhood on the rise. Crime has been dropping since the Dinkins days, and people are choosing to move Uptown in droves. Great news, right?  Not so fast. Our guests know just about all there is to know about today’s Harlem, and they’ll talk about a neighborhood that is changing now because of gentrification. Mom and pop shops are being replaced by big chain stores. Affordable housing is giving way to glass and chrome luxury towers. And the very face of Harlem is changing. A population that was once 98% Black is now down to about 53%. And the new neighbors who, maybe, think it’s cool and edgy to live in Harlem, have no investment in the neighborhood’s history or culture. Our guests talks about all of the changes, why some are good, but many are bad, and how they plan to keep Harlem moving ahead without losing its soul.