Danny Pearlstein and Marco Conner spend their lives lobbying for better transportation for New York City. They join "In Foucs" to talk about the new MTA. Andy Byford, President of the New York City Transit Authority, part of the MTA, has promised his agency will be open and stop blaming “overcrowding” for everything that goes wrong. They’ll also talk about Byford’s “Fast Forward” program, which promises a new signal system, track repairs and more accessible stations within five years, and a nearly complete overhaul within 10. The question is, where will the money come from?  They, along with Governor Cuomo, favor a congestion charge. Conner, like Mayor De Blasio, also favors a “Millionaire’s Tax.” In the end, they agree, it all comes down to State Legislators who have to hand out the cash to accomplish Byford’s ambitious plan.