In big and small ways, New Yorkers reach out when there is a crisis and we are seeing so much kindness amid all the sadness.

Kevin Livingston is the founder of 100 Suits for 100 Men. These days, he and his staff are traveling throughout Queens delivering groceries — fruits, vegetable soups, cereal, and surgical masks — to more than 150 seniors.

"Trying to do as much positive as I can," said Stefon Steward, one of the employees. "Give back to the community, and I hope this affects everyone good, God bless everyone." 

Bags of supplies fill up carload after carload. The program is run by young men and women who were incarcerated in Rikers Island. Now, they are the ones who are out there delivering groceries and making sure our seniors are fed on a weekly basis.

In hard times, there are many New Yorkers looking to spread positivity throughout the city.

Evy Pompouras was an NYPD first responder on September 11. She was also a Secret Service agent for 12 years. The Queens native wanted to lift spirits during this pandemic, so she partnered with Dunkin' to deliver coffee and donuts to every NYPD precinct, as well as to hospitals throughout the city.  

Meanwhile, at PS 84 Q, a small public school in Astoria, the teachers and staff put together a heartwarming video to help students and families get through this difficult time.  

“I miss you all. Keep working hard," a teacher tells her students in the video. It's a message we can all use. 

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