Cindy Kasindorf is a mom of four who became a registered nutritionist after becoming concerned about her own family's health. She is teaching her children that the foods they eat are their best defense for staying healthy.

“It really needs to start in the home, I don't bring in what I don't want my family to eat," Kasindorf says.

School lunches are a challenge so she often packs her kids' lunches, and if not, she helps them pick what they are going to eat from the school menu.

"You can't force your kids to eat everything, and you really shouldn't,” she says. “So in a lunchbox I like to have a few different options."

She says when you are eating outside the home, it is still about the choices available and the choices you make.

"Make healthier choices within the menu, and I look at the things that are balanced and whole - whole grains, wheat, great sources of protein, I look for a lot of veggies," Kasindorf says.

So what recommendations would she make for those trying to figure out what to pack in a school lunch or pick from a menu?

"I love chicken. It's a complete protein, grilled chicken,” Kasindorf says. “I love to add hemp seeds to everything because it has omega 3's which helps to build a healthy body, great for the brain, strong nervous system. I love veggies, so any types of veggies. Eggs are wonderful - again a complete protein. The whole egg actually, the yellow and the white. And I love hummus."

About two years ago, her love for health and wellness evolved into a juice company called Joni Juice. She says it is a way to get many nutrients quickly, with names like Give Me Greens and Immunize Me. She says involve your children in the process and they will create healthier habits.

"I've seen the difference with my kids, with my family. It takes a little more effort, it's not as easy but with the effort you get great results," Kasindorf says.

One last tip: Kasindorf says snacks are okay, but make sure you're not picking products where the first ingredient is sugar or high fructose corn syrup.