Long lines, construction and delayed flights aren't the only nuisances at La Guardia Airport these days. You can add swarms of mosquitoes to the list.

"We're experiencing so many mosquitoes in all of the stores, even in the bathrooms. Even in the food court. It's just been a lot of them," said airport employee Angelica Gomez.

"They're all around the airport. Like when the weather started getting warm they just started coming out," said airport employee Lenny Sanders.

Our cameras caught the pests on the ceiling of Terminal B. LaGuardia Gateway Partners, which operates the terminal, blames the problem on the close proximity to Flushing Bay and the particularly rainy spring we've had.

They say they have taken steps to fumigate key terminal areas along with adding bug zappers and remove standing water. The operators say they will "continue to adopt mosquito mitigation practices through summer time, and as long as they are needed."

"I'm definitely glad they're doing something about it because there's too many of them," said Sanders.

"They're actually listening to us because we're here every single day and the fact that there are so many mosquitoes," said Gomez.

However, officials from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene say there's no reason to be concerned. The citywide mosquito surveillance systems have not recorded an abnormal amount of mosquitoes at this point in the season. Workers hope the problem is taken care of soon and planes are the only thing flying around the airport.