While many designers who show at Fashion Week are household names, the week also gives emerging designers a chance to shine. NY1's Jessica Abo filed the following report.

Designers, artists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and nonprofit leaders packed the IVY fashion presentation.

IVY is a social community for young innovators that offers a variety of events all year round.

"Our mission is to bring together amazing people, rising people who are passionate about changing the world for the better, and we bring them together in creative ways to collaborate and make a positive change in everything they do," said Beri Meric, founder and co-CEO of IVY.

Designer Kristi Vosbeck applied to IVY's emerging designer fashion program and was selected to co-produce IVY's show at Fashion Week.

"IVY had an application process where I had to submit photos of previous collections and then answer a few short essay questions and just tell a little bit about my history as a designer and I what I want to accomplish moving forward," Vosbeck said.

IVY found the venue and sponsors, covered production costs and took care of PR. Vosbeck was responisble for the clothes, models and stylists.

"Our belief is that when it comes to emerging artists, it's usually a very competitive landscape. So it's very very important for up-and-coming leaders to support each other to get to the top. So we're here to see her latest designs and really support her career," Meric said.

Vosbeck says this season she focused on velvet, leather and draping her fabric.

I'm very inspired by old Hollywood glamour and attention to couture styling and details. And most recently, the movie "La La Land" really inspired me," Vosbeck said.

Right now, IVY has 20,000 members across seven cites. The team plans to expand to 50 cities within the next five years.

If you hope to be in Vosbeck's shoes one day, she has some advice.

"Keep with it," she said. "Keep putting yourself out there, trying new things, networking, and there's no limit to what you can achieve."