City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot says Monday’s reopening of child care centers will be an indicator of what’s to come for schools opening their doors in the fall.

But daycares will be particularly tricky given children’s younger ages.

“There are a lot of moving parts, and this young age group is a little bit more challenging than school children, if you will, but there are many similarities," said Barbot.

Daycare centers will have a number of safety measures in place, including a limit of 15 kids per room and limited sharing of toys and supplies. Daily health screenings will also be in place, as well as frequent cleanings and the requirement of staff to wear face coverings.

The move to reopen more than 3,000 child care centers was given the green light by Barbot. She says this will be “a big day for a lot of families.”

Barbot also acknowledged New York’s progress with coronavirus, from the low case numbers to the first reported day without a single virus-related death statewide since March. She says her heart is with Florida as cases soar in the state.

Barbot joined Mornings On 1 via Skype.