New Yorkers are divided over whether is city is going in the right direction. And our exclusive NY1/Baruch College poll finds that this summer hasn't been particularly good for Mayor Bill de Blasio's approval ratings, especially compared to his frequent sparring partner in Albany. Josh Robin crunches the numbers.

New Yorkers say they're generally happy with the services that they city provides. But the man in charge of providing them? Well, that's a different story.

First, to what New Yorkers like. 69 percent say they're very or somewhat satisfied with city services. That's versus 27 percent on the other end, either not so satisfied or not at all.

But the mayor? 48 percent approve, 31 percent disapprove, and 21 percent aren't sure or don't answer.

"They don't necessarily give him credit for the good services. They may blame him for the things that go wrong," said NY1/Baruch College pollster Mickey Blum.

Our past polls found his approval ratings have veered between the high 50s and high 40s.

The racial disparities continue. Support from Black and Hispanic New Yorkers tops 60 percent, double that of whites.

And this news isn't going to please de Blasio. His constituents like the governor more.  

60 percent approve of Andrew Cuomo. 20 percent disapprove. The numbers don't add up due to rounding.

"It must be extremely frustrating for the mayor because Cuomo's approval ratings have actually gone up," 

But President Trump? He gets a Bronx cheer. And one from much of the rest of the city too, just not Republicans here.

69 percent disapprove, versus the 20 percent who approve. It's not entirely surprising for a city that largely voted against the Queens native.

"New Yorkers have never liked Donald Trump, and they don't like him now that he is President Trump, and they like him less and less as time goes on," Blum said.

Turning back to the mayor, what about the long distance de Blasio travels to pump iron? Most New Yorkers say, well, don't sweat it Mr. Mayor?

63 percent say it's not much, or not at all a big deal he is driven to Park Slope from Gracie Mansion. 27 percent are at least somewhat put off by the trek to the Y.

Looks like the mayor will do his Brooklyn workout regardless of what people think. He was there Wednesday.